The Chase: Celebrity Special
Ann Widdecombe, Sam Nixon, Mark Rhodes, Jimmy Carr

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The Chase: Celebrity Special is a spin-off of the original The Chase featuring celebrity teams as contestants.

Unlike the regular version, which is broadcast daily, the celebrity version is broadcast weekly. As with the daily show, the spin-off is hosted by Walsh and features the same Chasers (Labbett, Wallace, Hegerty, Sinha and Ryan). The game is played exactly the same as the regular version. However, if all four celebrities have been caught by the Chaser, the prize fund during the Final Chase is £20,000. If the team is caught during the Final Chase, a consolation prize of £1,000 is awarded to the charities for each celebrity who advanced to the Final Chase.

Are four celebrities clever enough to take on one of the country's finest quiz brains? Ann Widdecombe, Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes and Jimmy Carr take on the challenge hoping to win thousands of pounds for their charities.

Season : 9

Episode Number : 6

Duration : 60 minutes

Type : Game Show

Language : English

Network :

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