Ultimate Movers
Yacht Deck, Drag Racing, Hermes

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Moving giant brewing silos, circus big tops, ice sculptures and steam trains is never easy. However, the Ultimate Movers rise to the challenge, battling against the elements, guiding oversized transport through narrow and winding roads and overcoming problems to get their precious cargo there on time, and in one piece. Time is always money and there's no room for error.

On the south coast, heavy haulier Chris Bugler must transport the largest cargo of his life as a ten-tonne yacht mould must sail the tight streets of Dorset to Poole Port. However, this won't be an easy voyage as low bridges and parked cars stand between him and his final destination. At Santa Pod, the fastest movers in Europe go head to head as they compete for first place on the drag racing track. While up north, the god of trade, Hermes, has another half a million packets and parcels to sort and deliver.

Season : 1

Episode Number : 7

Duration : 60 minutes

Type : Documentary

Language : English

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