Up and Vanished
The Vanishing Family

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Based on the hit investigative podcast of the same name, Up and Vanished is focused on new cases of missing individuals, as Payne Lindsey and his team of investigative podcasters search for answers to help the victims' families gain a sense of closure. Each episode featuring a different case of a missing person. New witnesses will be interviewed, and persons of interest will be confronted as Payne and his team stop at nothing to find the truth and try to unravel these mysterious disappearances.

The mysterious disappearance or Korinna Malinoski, and daughter Annette, from their South Carolina home has continued to baffle family and police for the past 30 years. Payne and team attempt to reunite a family in the process.

Season : 2

Episode Number : 2

Duration : 60 minutes

Type : Documentary

Language : English

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